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For the cost of one yoga class, you can change a life.

SUCCESS STORY, Tripuranagar, West Bengal, India

Thanks to your support, YGB's direct funding project "Sister Aid" is providing funds for impoverished mothers, children and orphans, supporting their education and economic independence.

View NISHTHAAs of January 2011, through our collaboration with NISHTHA, we support 22 mothers and their 22 daughters in the remote rural village of Tripuranagar in West Bengal. So far, a total of 53000 rupees (1325 dollars) has been provided through micro loans to help them start their income-earning work. The women hold regular group meetings where they formulate their business plans, get advice and support, build confidence and build their community.

Brishaspati Sardar was very excited to have this opportunity to have money to start her own work. She took the loan of 2000 rupees (50 dollars) to start an envelope making business. At the beginning, her profit was only 300 rupees (7 dollars) a month. With her group and NISHTHA’s consultation, she decided to start a small stand to sell tea and snacks to grow more profit. This was Brishaspati’s major turning point. Now she is earning 1500 rupees (37 dollars) a month and plans to expand her shop. “This reflects her self- confidence and a sense of empowerment in Brishaspati”---NISHTHA report states.

View NISHTHAOut of 22 women supported, all are continuing their livelihood initiative and 15 women are making profits now, selling vegetable, making baskets, tailoring, etc. The seven women who have not yet earned a profit, continue to consult with NISHTHA and their group, strategizing and learning ways to improve their businesses.

View NISHTHAOur “Sister Aid” funding also ensures a year of full education for one daughter per family, total of 22 daughters. Today, they are all attending school and NISHTHA provides constant guidance and supervision.

We are truly excited to receive NISHTHA's regular reports with photos and will be posting these full reports on our website "Sister Aid".

Watch the stories of our fund recipients at YGB YouTube Channel.



Exciting News!

Welcome YGB Ambassador Jörgen Christiansson!!

Go to Jorgen's Website"Yoga gives back is a simple but powerful way to bring about a profound change in someone's life. It is a way for us to motivate Indian women and their families to become independent and secure. It is also a method to give something back to the country of Krishna and Buddha and so many enlightened souls, which gave us yoga, it's philosophy, Ayurveda and all other teachings, which improved mankind. I personally, feel grateful for what it has taught and molded me into, whom I am today ."

Go to Jorgen's Website

Jörgen Christiansson, who teaches the Ashtanga program, has had a lifelong relationship with Yoga. Early in life, he gained experience in the various traditions of yoga while traveling extensively throughout India. Jörgen met his teacher Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in 1988, when he first visited Mysore. With more than 20 years of teaching experience, he teaches in the same traditional manner as was taught to him by his Guru.

Last October, Jörgen and Peter Alejandro (Mahamondo.com) hosted the most successful fundraiser "Thank You Mother India" in Venice, California. This year, we are expanding this event into our first global fundraiser in collaboration with Omkar108!!

Go to TYMI Web Page"Thank You Mother India" One Day of Global Support

Saturday, September 17th, we invite all studios and teachers from every discipline of yoga, from any city or country, to dedicate ourselves to supporting women and children in India. You can host events or become a sponsor!! Check details and sign up now: TYMI and FB




Deenabandhu Green Home for GirlsYoga Magazine: From Editor Yogi Malik in London, "I am proud that Yoga Magazine has been chosen as the official UK media partner for Yoga Gives Back, a wonderful organization with an ethos that is close to my heart - giving back to India, the country that gave us yoga. Through yoga we have the power to change our own lives and the lives of others, and by giving back to the people of India we can create lasting social change and help those who are in need. Yoga Magazine is dedicated to raising awareness of the charity, and we are also holding weekly yoga classes for our readers with all monies raised going to Yoga Gives Back."

Yoga 360Yoga 360 Studio and Spa, Chicago, IL
Yoga-360 Studio and Spa offers various yoga classes and events through out the year to benefit Yoga Gives Back. They are also donating portion of proceeds from "Yoga Under the Stars", June 22nd—Chicago's only outdoor yoga event. More than 300 Chicago area yogis gather for asana and Kirtan event with vendors.

Go to Om TimeOm Time, Boulder, Colorado
From May 1st, Om Time's "Purpose Project", a campaign to raise awareness and resources with the graduates of Om Time's 200 hour teacher trainings will benefit YGB. Every Saturday pm at 7:00 - 8:30pm.

Eco LipsEco Lips The Cause Balm Program was designed to help non-profit organizations gain awareness and funding for a brighter future! Choose YGB and we will receive a $1 donation from Eco Lips. Help us Change the World, one set of lips at a time.



Donation Class Relay Update

YGB Relay

YGB virtual torches are passing through the global yoga community.

Yoga Flex Flyer"Om Mani Padme Hum", Yoga Flex, Charlotte, NC
Compassionate giving of ourselves to our brothers and sisters through karma yoga.

May 15th, Sun, 4:00-5:30pm; Power Mixed Class by Mara and Dena
May 22nd, Sun, 9:30-10:30am; Power 1 by Shari and Dena

Water Brazillian Yoga and Pilates"Sister Aid", Brazilian Yoga & Pilates, At Water, Los Angeles

May 22nd, Sun, 1-3 pm; By Liz McDonald and Stefani Manger. 1 hour of flow class, YGB video screening, and delicious vegetarian Indian lunch from Cowboys and Turbans will be donated by C-Pur Yoga!!

Long Beach event flyer "Karma Flow Day", Kansas Siddhi Yoga, Kansas City

June 1st, Wed,
Proceeds from three classes are offered to YGB by Gina Caputo, Laura Williamson and Shari

View updates and more upcoming events on our Facebook page and website.




View more photos on Facebook

April 29th, 7-10pm @ Yoga Works Tarzana Studio

"Yoga Gives Back Night! "All level yoga with Chaz and music by the Cosmic Kirtan Connection, delicious treat by Aparna "The Mistress of Spice". Fantastic event with over 40 people attending sharing compassion, raising over 1000 dollars. Thank you everyone and the wonderful team at Yoga Works Tarzana!!!

Saturday, April 16th @ Yoga Viva Studio

Myriam Baker, Aparna, and Vinay with Hanuman's Song. Margaret from Yoga Tropics offered her studio for this exciting event which raised over 500 dollars. Many thanks for Encinitas community!

Saturday, March 19th @ Source Yoga Studio

"Serve the World through Serving the Self". Nicole Inglish, YGB Ambassador Aparna, and Sudama/Vince hosted an amazing evening with asana, gourmet dinner, live music.

"Thank you for all of your continued support!!"


Direct Funding Project
"Sister Aid"






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