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SUCCESS STORY: Deenabandhu, Karnataka, India

View NISHTHAYGB's direct funding program "Sister Aid" is sponsoring 56 impoverished mothers, children and orphans for their education, vocational training and micro credit programs.

Because of your continued support, YGB now sponsors one more girl Shyamala, 16 years old and orphaned, who has lived at Deenbandhu Trust Home for the past ten years. Here is a little background on Shyamala; Shyamala, the oldest girl at the home, is soft-spoken and quiet natured. She takes responsibility for younger children at the home. She likes to sing, tailor and stitch bags and torn cloths. Shyamala’s mother, Mahadevamma, had married a man who was already married. He left her after Shyamala was born. She survived for a couple of years as a homeless woman with Shyamala. Eventually, they joined Shakthidhama, a rehabilitation center for women in Mysore. One day, Mahadevamma disappeared, leaving behind Shyamala who was about six years old. Shyamala was then placed with a couple at B.R. Hills and later admitted to Deenabandhu Girls’ home for further education and rehabilitation.”

It is our true joy and honor to be able to extend our support to Shyamala as she starts her college education this year- against all odds!!!


Puttama and Radha, who received sawing machines donated by YGB in February, have been trained to become a professional seamstress. They are now paid to make 40 mosquito nets for children as well as learning to saw children's dresses. Deenabandhu is also helping them to start to build small business for them to stitch petty coats in great demand in the local markets. In the next six months, they will be able to earn significant income. They will also become great example of economic independence for the younger girls at Deenbandhu.

View NISHTHAThese updates and photographs are regularly sent by Professor Jayadev, the founder and director of Deenabandhu Trust Home.

Watch our new video “Sister Aid 2: Deenabandhu” on YGB’s YouTube Channel!!!



Exciting News!

YGB’s first global fundraiser “Thank You Mother India” Update

"Click this logo to register"

Yoga Magazine offers free ads for all the yoga studios and sponsors!!

Go to Jorgen's WebsiteRegister for "Thank You Mother India" by July 10th at TYMI to host or sponsor this event. Yoga Magazine will feature this event with free ads of the hosting studios and sponsors in the September issue with your logo and website link.

Hosting studios and sponsors confirmed for this special event include; Jorgen Christianson (Omkar 108 Yoga), Eddie Stern (Ashtanga Yoga New York), Kino MacGregor (Yogamala-Hong Kong, Miami Life Center), Sophie Herbert (Yoga Sutra), and many more from London, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Tokyo...etc. Join us!!

Yoga Magazine features YGB on June issue as well as hosting a “Charity Class” every Saturday, at Wholefoods, Kensington, London.

Video Campaign Launched!

View NISHTHASend your video clip to info@yogagivesback.org. Next one will be out in July. Thanks for a great editing work by Ting Poo.
"Click this 1 minute PR video"

Welcome YGB Ambassador Go to TYMI Web PageChaz!!

Chaz Russ ((E-RYT-500, T-500) has been a dedicated supporter for YGB, hosting a very successful fundraiser for YGB at Yoga Works Tarzana with Cosmic Kirtan Band this spring. Chaz---"As the founder and former owner of Sisters Yoga, an all-female yoga studio in Fresno, CA., it seemed only natural for me to join the YGB team. When founding Sisters Yoga, my aim was to create a space where female Spirits of all ages could come together in community, tend to the gardens of their self-esteem and empower themselves through the self-discovery and strength building practices of yoga. There's a divine power in sisterhood, and that power is felt amidst sisters of all ages, backgrounds and economic status. We feel our deep rooted connection through the practice of yoga. For the 7 years I've been teaching and the 17 years I've been practicing, I continue to be reminded of the beaming light that shines so brightly within us all. Equally, if someone thousands of miles away suffers, so I suffer. But if I can help and make a difference here in LA, for instance, by raising awareness and money for our sisters in India , then the consciousness of LA is raised and we benefit equally.

Every woman deserves a shot to reach her God-given dharmic potential. I'm honored to be a part of the YGB team, as YGB provides the opportunity for women in India to tend to the gardens of their heart's entrepeneurial yearnings and therefore, support themselves, their families and villages in the long run. Such big impacts can be made with small monetary contributions. Some of the biggest leaps in evolution and healing are made with the smallest of steps. I look forward to continue to host yoga classes in LA for YGB and our sisters in India."



New Partners!

Deenabandhu Green Home for GirlsMindBodyGreen.com, online go-to-guide for yoga and wellness, has chosen YGB as one of the six non profits to receive 20% of their online directory sales.

"MindBodyGreen.com supports Yoga Gives Back because we love that they're changing the lives of women suffering in India by giving them tools that will improve their lives dramatically -- tools that will last a lifetime..."

Yoga 360C Pur
Founded in New York by Simon Grunberger, C pur works to make innovative yoga products that will inspire customers to immerse themselves in their practice.

“As a young company dedicated to the transformative power of yoga, C pur is proud to be partnered with Yoga Gives Back. By contributing our efforts to awareness campaigns, event planning, and donations from online sales, our partnership with Yoga Gives Back is our way of expressing gratitude for the power of yoga to change us not just as individuals, but as a global community.”



Upcoming Events!

YGB Relay

YGB virtual torches are passing through the global yoga community.

Yoga Flex FlyerY2Y Yoga, Charlotte, NC

July 3rd, Sunday, 2:15 PM; Hot Class with Tanner Bazermore, a special charity class to support YGB.

Water Brazillian Yoga and PilatesMOKSHA Festival, Santa Monica College

August 13-14, Visit YGB booth at this first MOKSHA Festival in LA, presented by YogiLoka.com and LA Yoga & Ayurveda Magazine. It is a two-day celebration of wellness, spiritual expansion and conscious living through: Yoga, Ayurveda, Sacred Music and healthy food. It is an opportunity to celebrate old friendships and build new ones with like-minded people and businesses. Join us!!

*Check www.yogagivesback.org for more upcoming events and details.




View more photos on Facebook

"OM Mani Padme Hum", Yoga Flex, Charlotte, NC

Two Sundays on May 15th, and 22nd, taught by Mara, Dena and Shari raised over 2000 dollars. Amazing YGB debut in Charlotte thanks to Yoga Flex and its powerful community.  Thank you Dena and everyone at Yoga Flex community!!

"Sister Aid" special class, At Water Brazilian Yoga & Pilates, LA

Sunday, May 22nd, Liz McDonald and Stefani Manger taught a special afternoon class. C-Pur donated generous Indian lunch for all.

Karma Flow Day @ Kansas Siddhi Yoga, Kansas City

June 1st, proceeds from three classes offered by Gina Caputo, Laura Williamson and Shari.

Santa Monica Yoga 10th Anniversary, CA

Saturday, June 4th: Kyra Hagland's special class, DJ Drez live music and amazing raffle items coordinated by the owner Bruce Bair and Janet Pequette raised over 1500 dollars for YGB. Many thanks for SM Yoga community.

Rock-n-Roll Sanskrit with Shari Goodhartz, Black Dog Yoga, Sherman Oaks, CA

Sunday, June 12, Shari taught a special fun class, hosted by long time YGB supporter Peter Barnett and Rose Gresch at Black Dog Yoga.

Thank you for your support, which is making a difference one event at a time!!


Direct Funding Project
"Sister Aid"






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