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SUCCESS STORY: Nishtha, West Bengal, India

Thanks to your support, YGB's direct funding project "Sister Aid" is providing funds for 56 impoverished mothers, children and orphans, supporting their education and economic independence.

alternate textYGB's new PR card selected a photo of women in Tripuranagar Village, our direct fund recipients
YGB's direct funding program "Sister Aid" continues to sponsor 22 mothers in Tripuranagar, West Bengal, through their micro credit programs. YGB also funds their 22 daughters so they can receive a full education and private tutoring for the whole year.

Here is the update report from NISHTHA's director Mina Das:

  • Out of 22 women supported, all are continuing their livelihood initiatives and 17 women have started earning profits.

  • All women except one have been able to not only earn a living, but have also begun to pay back their loan.

  • All 22 supported daughters of this women's group are continuing their education in formal school education. Personal tutoring is also offered to everyone.

Story of Anjali Naskar

Anjali Naskar lives in Tripuranagar village of Shikharbali - I GP. She lives with her husband and two daughters. Her husband works in a fishery but the work is only available during the rainy season and the rest of the time he farms a small piece of land they have, but the income was not enough to ensure proper education of the daughters. Being illiterate, Anjali and her husband were unable to school them at home.

When we initially shared with Anjali the idea of the women's micro credit collaboration group, she was hesitant. After we briefed her about the benefits of being a part of group, she agreed and now is a Treasurer!

Anjali had experience with the envelope-making business but didn't have enough money to continue. After receiving a loan, and with the support of the group, Anjali grew confident. She is steadily growing her business and her daughters are now going to school regularly, as well as receiving much needed personal tutoring to help with their studies.

YGB is also supporting NISHTHA artisan group's handmade crafts sales at our events, raising over $1500 so far!!

Watch the YGB video series, "Sister Aid " to meet our fund recipients on YGB’s YouTube Channel!!!



Exciting News!

Yoga MonthYGB collaborates with Yoga Month
Yoga Month is a grassroots awareness campaign, inspiring both youths and adults to take responsibility for their well-being by focusing on prevention and healthy lifestyle choices. Stay healthy and share your compassion to help women and children in India this September. Join YGB's "Thank You Mother India" events, see below.

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Welcome YGB Ambassador Dena Graziano, Owner of Yoga Flex, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Dena GrazianoDena and the Yoga Flex community expressed incredible support for YGB this past May. By hosting two weekend donation classes, they raised over $2000. Dena will host a special class for "Thank You Mother India" on September 17th with Shari Goldstein.

From Dena: "When I first came to yoga, it was for selfish reasons such as getting back in shape after the birth of my first child, getting some time to myself while I was in the throws of new motherhood. As months went by, I realized that yoga was so much more than just the silly poses that we bend our body into. The practice of yoga has made me a better person all the way around. Yoga has taught me that the way I treat my friends, children, husband, and family deeply reflects how I treat myself. Yoga has shown that there is peace and contentment and bliss deep inside each and every person – it may just hide a little deeper in some of us. Yoga allows you to find that. Yoga Gives Back is such an amazing organization. It allows us as devoted yogis, to give back to the place that gave us such an incredible gift. With everything that yoga has taught me, there really isn't a question as to IF I should give back, it's only a question of how. YGB provides me that "how" and really allows me to practice my yoga!"

Yoga FlexBIO: Dena (RYT-200) has competed in competitive sports her whole life. She is very blessed to have extensively studied with Stephanie Keach (youryoga.com), who showed her love and passion of yoga. Dena has also studied extensively with yoga master Andrey Lappa with whom she is completing her 500 hour RYT. Cora Wen, Peter Sterios, Jim Bennitt, Sean Corn and Bryan Kest have also influenced her in both her practice and her teaching. Dena has three chikdren, two girsl and a boy. *Stephanie Keach is also hosting a special class for "Thank You Mother India" at her Ashville Yoga Center, in North Carolina. Thank you!!

Upcoming Events!

YGB's first global fundraiser "Thank You Mother India" Update

TYMI This unprecedented global event has over 50 studios from 10 countries participating!! You can host an event from where you are; www.yogagivesback.org/tymi.php

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California | Colorado | Florida | Illinois | New York | North Carolina | Pennsylvania | Texas | UK | Hong Kong | Brazil | Canada | Costa Rica | Sweden | Australia | Japan | Netherlands

Thank you for these sponsors and partners

Omkar 108 Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga New York, Mahamondo.com, Samasati Retreat Costa Rica, Steven Woodruff Family, Yoga Month, Zobha, Manduka, Yogitoes, C Pur, MindBodyGreen, Core Power, lululemon local stores (Calabasas, Pasadena, and more) and many more joining to support this special event.

Sponsors and Partners



Yoga Magazine and TYMI
Yoga Magazine September issue features YGB and "Thank You Mother India"

On sale on August 23rd in the US (Borders, Barnes & Noble), on 25th in the UK.

Huffington Post posts "Yoga Gives Back Around the World" by Leslie Hendry


New Partners!

eKaDasaeKaDasa is a new yoga inspired jewelry company that wants to give back from the beginning and extend their support to YGB: "We would like to donate $1 from every sale of our merchandise on a regular basis. Also for the future, very interested in co-designing a special jewelry piece or collection of items together with you with 50% of proceeds to go to YGB on a regular basis. We are very much looking forward to supporting Yoga Gives Back."

Lakshmi & LotusLakshmi + Lotus, Tasmania, Australia, is a strategic and intuitive advisory service to get you living and working in your passion. They have chosen Yoga Gives Back as their NFP of choice, " YGB is an amazing organization that provides microfinance to women in India through their SisterAid program to raise their standard of living and provide viable sustainable income and lifestyle choices. Every purchase you make from Lakshmi and Lotus will have 5% donated to Yoga Gives Back, and 100% of lunchtime Yoga Nidra sessions run by Polly at the clinic will be donated."

*Check www.yogagivesback.org for more upcoming events and details.



Thank you for your support, which is making a difference one event at a time!!


Direct Funding Project
"Sister Aid"






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