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Holiday Special E Letter

Happy New Year!

SUCCESS STORY: Thanks to your continued support, YGB has increased our fund recipients to 81 people for 2012, 35 mothers and 46 children.


With an extremely successful year in 2011, YGB now funds an additional four children and one mother at Deenbandhu Trust Home, Karnataka. At NISHTHA in West Bengal, we were able to add 11 mothers and their 11 daughters to the 22 mothers and 22 daughters we already support. YGB's goal is to commit our funding to individuals, for 5 years so that they can make fundamental changes to their lives and build sustainable livelihoods through education and economic empowerment.

Some of the new YGB fund recipients:
Deenabandhu Trust Home, Karnataka, South India

Yoga Flex Flyer Ten year old Poornima came to Deenabandhu Trust Home last May, when her aunt could no longer financially care for her. Poornima's father deserted her mother and children, after her mother became mentally ill. Despite all of this, Poornima is a sweet girl with a beautiful smile. She enjoys helping others especially with writing and reading. She is the first to pick up a broom if a room is dirty.

Yoga Flex FlyerLatha is a sensitive, sweet four year old girl who came to Deenabandhu last May. When Latha was a new born, her alcoholic father died. While living in poverty, Latha and her mother were rescued by Shaktidhama Women's Shelter. Eventually, her mother requested care from Deenabandhu which they now receive.

NISHTHA: Tripuranagar Village, West Bengal

Ninety per cent of the first 22 mothers who received micro loans from YGB in 2011 have repaid their loans and will receive a second cycle of loans in 2012. Before receiving funds from YGB, only 50% of them had paid work. Now 95% are earning an income with a 77% increase. This success enabled us to fund an additional 11 mothers and 11 daughters in this same village. Without funding to secure education, here in this remote village of West Bengal, daughters are forced to marry at an age as young as 13. NISHTHA continues to provide necessary guidance and vocational training for mothers to start their income earning work with micro loans. Their daughters are provided with personal educational counseling as well as workshops on health and gender issues.

YGB is delighted to work with these two NGOs in India who continue to send us regular reports with current status and photos of our fund recipients.

YGB Global Calendar 2012 is still available for online purchase!!


Yoga Gives Back's first global calendar appreciates and celebrates YGB's global yoga community. Included in the calendar are photos from our first successful global fundraiser, "Thank You Mother India." Over 750 people in 10 countries took part, and other events that were held throughout the world. Additionally, each month features portraits of women and girls from our partner organizations in India who are direct recipients of YGB funds.

You can make a change, one calendar at a time.



ABC Chicago News feature YGB: 5:00pm, Thursday, Dec 29, 2011 A great piece produced by Sylvia L. Jones, at WLS-TV ABC 7 CHICAGO, with an interview of YGB rep Chelsea Mack. The special donation class by Colleen Rose at Yoga 360 was also covered. Thank you everyone!!!

Exciting News!

YGB is excited to have two new global representatives: One from the Netherlands and one from Brazil. Read more about our dedicated global team here.


Janneke Verburg-Wiersma, the Netherlands

"I've been in India many times and I love the country, but the poverty over there has made a big impact on me. It's really hard for us Westerners to imagine that you just don't have any resources or ways to make something of your life. I really believe in micro financing as a way to provide the necessary resources to people who need it, to enable them to change their lives. So I'm really excited that we can make a difference by getting the yoga community together (worldwide!) and we can start giving back! "


Cacau Peres: Sao Paulo, Brazil

“I think Seva is one of the best ways we have to show our love and compassion towards others. Yoga Gives Back is a wonderful opportunity to do Seva and show our gratitude for Yoga.”

Write to us (info@yogagivesback.org) if you would like to join the YGB team in your area!!!


Upcoming Events!

Yoga Flex FlyerMovie Night Series @ Rising Spirit Yoga, Wells River, Vermont

January 27, 2012, 7:30 PM; Rising Spirit Yoga is hosting three special "Movie Night at the Studio" series to benefit YGB!

Cost: $5-$10 Suggested Donation

YOGAWOMAN : Yoga was brought to the West from India by a lineage of male teachers. Now there's a generation of women who are leading the way.
February 24th: "YERT" 50 States. 1 Year. Zero Garbage?
March 23rd: "ENLIGHTEN UP! "A Skeptic's Journey into the World of Yoga

Water Brazillian Yoga and PilatesSpecial Donation Class@Laguna Yoga Shala, Laguna Beach, California

January 29, 2012, Sunday, 9-10:30am; Itay Dollinger is teaching this special donation Ashtanga Led Class, organized by Neemu Murthy. YGB presentation and refreshments to follow.

Thank you for this event!

New Year's Special Class@ Infuse Yoga, Chicago

January 1, 2012, 11:00 AM; By popular request, ring in 2012 with this dynamic class for all levels led by Meredith Wroblewski! In order to hold the appropriate space both physically and energetically, reservations are required. You are welcome to stay for brunch immediately following the class. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Yoga Gives Back!

Class is $18 drop in ($20 with mat). Brunch is $5-$15 suggested cash donation.

*Check www.yogagivesback.org for more upcoming events and details.

Thank you for your support, which is making a difference one event at a time!!







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