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Yoga Gives Back
For the cost of one yoga class, you can change a life.

SUCCESS STORY: YGB directly funds 103 women and children!!!

Yoga Gives Back receives bi-monthly reports from our partner organizations, D Trust Home in Karnatka and Nishtha in West Bengal. Enjoy these updates and know how your support is making a big difference in each fund recipient's life in India.

D Trust Home, Karnataka, South India

Yoga Flex FlyerLast year, we started funding five year old Jaya who came from a broken family. She is now in the 1st grade. She enjoys learning Bharatanatyam dancing and her very sweet smile continues to shine.

Yoga Flex FlyerWe started funding Anu and his other two siblings last year. Anu is now in the 2nd grade and loves reading stories, listening to narration, and painting. He is one of the most talented children at school and continues to maintain high grades.

Yoga Flex FlyerMona is Anu's sister, now in the 10th grade, with YGB's funding she receives additional after school classes in Mathematic and English. She also enjoys learning Byaratanatyam dancing and Karnatic classical music.

NISHTHA: Tripuranagar Village, West Bengal

Yoga Flex FlyerYGB is funding three groups (44 mothers and 44 daughters) in this region this year. "Stri Shakti," the group name for the 11 mothers and 11 daughters in West Bengal, is the third group funded by YGB. In January, all 11 girls were admitted to the formal school of Tripuranagar, and all are enthusiastic for the opportunity to receive education.

Yoga Flex Flyer Eleven mothers received two-day sessions to learn about micro financing as well as how to cope with life's potential difficulties and economic responsibilities. This group has shown a dynamic interest and strong determination to develop something significant for their lives. Three women have started small businesses; selling imitation gold ornaments, running a grocery shop and vegetable vending, with some already showing a profit. Nishtha social workers will continue to provide advice and discuss business decisions with them. After two months of business operations, a common bank account will be opened for this group so they may deposit their contributions for emergencies and future plans. This group already shows promise with their commitment to succeed. We look forward to sharing more updates with you soon!!!

Exciting News

"Thank You Mother India" -Register by July 5th to be included in Yoga Magazine's September Issue!!

Yoga Flex FlyerLet's unite on Saturday, September 29th (or around this date) for our 2nd global day of support. Over 50 studios and sponsors have already signed up from all over the world!!

Join us this fall to make a difference together.

YGB Netherlands is born!!

Yoga Flex FlyerJanneke Verburg-Wiersma of De Yoga Studio in the Netherlands has created our new YGB Dutch community!!! Thanks also to Barbara for creating this stunning YGB Dutch website. More than 10 studios have already signed up for "Thank You Mother India" in the Netherlands and Belgium. We are so excited and inspired to have your support and look forward to growing together!

Welcome YGB Ambassadors and Representatives!!

YGB is very fortunate to have these very passionate and talented yogis in our growing global family.


Yoga Flex FlyerAli Valdez, Washington

Ali Valdez, the founder of Sattva Yoga is a RYT 500 with a profound life-long love for yoga and contemplative practice. She leads workshops and teacher trainings around the world and has been blessed with two amazing teachers: Andrey Lappa and Edward Clark.

Check our Ali's blog about YGB here.

Yoga Flex FlyerSamantha Chan, Hong Kong

Samantha discovered her calling in Yoga in 2002. She is trained both the Vinyasa and Iyengar traditions, whilst she has a great passion in teaching Yin and Kids Yoga. She enjoys the interaction with students and the ability to share her knowledge with them. On top of it, she also thinks that children should also have the right to enjoy and experience benefits from yoga. Samantha teaches at Pure Yoga Hong Kong.

Bay Area/San Francisco Representatives

Yoga Flex Flyer Amberlin Tannehill

Amberlin is as an authorized teacher who has made multiple trips to Mysore, now teaching at Ashtanga Yoga Palo Alto.

Yoga Flex Flyer Caitlin Danenhauerl

After studying film/video in undergrad, I was introduced to YGB when I took on a project editing a video that followed a woman's ' journey from poverty into livelihood'. Amazed and inspired by the powerful impact of even a small amount of money and effort from across the world, I dedicated myself to a personal practice of yoga that included working with YGB. I'm currently exploring new depths of this journey as I train in the eight limbed yogic path under Baba Hari Dass at Mount Madonna in Watsonville, CA.

New Partners

YGB is excited to partner with these organizations!

Recoup.com is the first cause shopping channel. Choose YGB on their website and shop. 10% of your purchase will be donated to YGB.

Yoga Flex Flyer"The Goodess Guide to Business Bliss" by Kris Katsuko Oster and contributor Aparna Khanolkar (YGB Ambassador) are donating $4 per sales of this E book publication.

Upcoming Events

Yoga Flex Flyer Sunday, July 1, 2012, 9:30-10:30am,@
lululemon, Calabasas

Special donation class by Chaz Russ

Yoga Flex Flyer Tuesday, July 24, 2012, 10:00am-noon,@
Stella McCartney, Beverly Hills, CA

Stella McCartney's Special Fundraiser #2 with Kathryn Budig

Water Brazillian Yoga and PilatesWater Brazillian Yoga and Pilates Mondays, 7:00-8:00pm,@
Wholefoods, Kensington, London, UK

Yoga Magazine's weekly donation classes by Raquel Guzman

Water Brazillian Yoga and Pilates Friday, September 14, 2012 - Sunday, September 16, 2012,@
UTA Maverick Athletic Center, Arlington, Texas

YGB invited to present at OneYogaUSA Dallas Yoga +Music Festival

The mission of OYUSA Dallas Yoga Conference + Music Fest is to create a global shift in consciousness, advocate yoga as a dynamic art form that supports yoga as a way of life, and develop yogis into well-versed yoga teachers through the One Yoga Training Program with SEVA at the core of its mission (selfless service to the community and the environment).

Thank you for these past events

Thank you Jorgen Christiansson@Omkar108 for hosting this event.

Philip Goldberg's special lecture and Guru Prem & Simran's kirtan were superb, raising over $1,200! Thanks to all of this community's support!

Fantastic first event at Stella McCartney's Beverly Hills Store with Kathryn Budig.

Yoga Flex FlyerYoga Flex FlyerYoga Flex Flyer
Thanks to Stella McCartney's team for hosting it; and to Pressed Juicery and Organic India for their generous donations. We look forward to the upcoming series!

Virginia Yoga Week/River's Edge Yoga Karma Yoga Class

Thanks, Margaret Townsend, for hosting this class. YGB's debut in Virgnia!

Thank you for YGB event sponsors Zico coconut water and Organic India.

Yoga Flex FlyerYoga Flex Flyer

Thank you for your support, making a difference one event at a time!!








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