Your Donations Made the Dream of a Dental Student Come True!

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Fri, November 7, 2014 10:51am

Your Donations Made the Dream of a Dental Student Come True!

Guruprasad sends a message to YGB 

"I want to continue my studies further because if I study further I can learn and know about the diseases and their treatment in detail then I can give good and better  treatment in my service to the people and community."


This young man, Guruprasad, grew up on a dirt floor, one room house, when his mother, Jayashree, received a micro loan from YGB in 2007. Jayashree gave her son all she got for his education.He will be graduating from Bellary Medical Dental College and plans to become a dental surgeon after two more years at post graduate course. YGB's "SHE" (Scholarship of Higher Education" will continue to fund Guruprasad's education until his dream comes true.  

Guruprasad sent YGB these photos where he teaches children of "Dream World School" in Bellary, South India about oral hygiene and where once every week he conducts dental treatments, oral and general health education for the children in the local elementary school.

This school houses 1200 students; primary, high school and even college.  He also conducts a two day camp at this dream world school from his hospital. This is just one great example of how one family can make such a positive transformation with a relatively small amount of money in comparison to the US and most of the West. Guruprasad's tuition has been about 1000 US dollars a year. 


After watching the video, "Jayashree's Journey Continues," Guruprasad said, "I have seen the video and it is so nice that it remembers me and my childhood dreams and difficulties and my parents dreams for me.  Thank you so much to YGB for supporting me in reaching my destiny today. I am so happy being a doctor and I am so proud of my parents."

Please Take a moment to watch this 5 minute film "Jayashree's Journey Continues" which tells the story of Jayashree, a micro loan recipient  in Bangalore, South India. We first met Jayashree in 2007, when she got her first small loan. Seven years later, you see how her dream is becoming a reality. This successful case also inspired YGB to create S.H.E "Scholarship for Higher Education".  Thank you for taking action to make a difference!