Thank you to these Participants in YGB September Fundraising Events!

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Mon, September 18, 2017 12:23pm

Thank you to these Participants in YGB September Fundraising Events!

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YGB Ambasador Anri Shiga's Yoga Charity Class September 28th!

Hosted by Benessence holistic natural therapy & Yoga Shanti Hong Kong

Yoga Stick ~ Shoulder Therapy ~ make a difference, change the world!

"Yoga Gives Back," is an American Non-profit organization with he idea that someone can change the future for the cost of a yoga class! I've had a lot of experience in yoga, but for me, just a little bit of experience with India. The poor children and the women who cannot help themselves. I'm really honored to give this class on behalf of YGB. A Stiff-Neck Stiffness For Modern people. Let's get the most popular yoga stick in Japan!"
A yoga stick is a small force with a small power. A Magic Stick that can reach the deep muscle of the body. It is the ultimate prop, not only for the elderly, the hard, the hard, and the strength of the body. Anri has worked for many years in  Hong Kong's Major Yoga Studios. She is a bilingual yoga instructor.

In joining this yoga class you join the activities of people around the world. 


Suria hosted 16 charity classes for YGB at the YOGA FESTA on Sep 16 and 17 in Yokohama, Japan. 

This the largest yoga event in Japan and YGB Japan Ambassador Michiko Minegishi taught this class along with many yoga teachers in Japan!

Yoga Gives Back Singapore and Yoga Seeds September 24th

YGB Ambassador Wendy Chan keeps going... she continues to support YGB's mission with a series of classes like this one throughout the year since 2014! Join Wendy Chan. Join YGB to make a real difference by giving back to India.

A rejuvenating, Heart-opening Sunday Morning at the YOGA SEEDS GREEN ROOM to support a good cause. Flow with your breath and open your heart to all possibilities.

Sign up now at

Practice is suitable for all levels.

*All proceeds will be donated to Yoga Gives Back