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Happy Holidays!!


SUCCESS STORY: YGB's global community's support is making a real difference in India!!

Yoga Gives Back volunteer team visited our local NGO partners and fund recipients in West Bengal and Karnataka. Here is part one of this trip's reports!!

NISHTHA: Tripuranagar Village, West Bengal

Young girls carrying back packs with “Yoga Give Back” logo and baseball caps with “Sister Aid by YGB” in these villages.
Abolish Child Marriage” campaign sign in a village wall, states YGB as a sponsor!

Mothers are making progress with their income earning work such as sari embroidery, puffed rice, mud ornaments, etc. Loan repayment rate is approximately 95%.

"This is the most innovative program," said Mina Das, Director of YGB partner NGO NISHTHA in West Bengal. In its second year, YGB's direct funding "Sister Aid" program now provides micro loans for 44 mothers in three groups in this remote agrarian area. It is innovative not only because it does not charge interest for the loans, but most importantly because it requires loan recipient mothers to save at least 50 Rupees a month for their daughters' higher education. Therefore, the ultimate goal for this loan and profit making is "girls higher education," which is unique in the field of micro loan practices.

Jala Clothing YGB T-ShirtsThis is particularly significant in this region, as it is still a common practice for girls to marry as young as 13 years of age. While walking through villages, we met many young teen mothers carrying babies who do not even know the age of their husbands.

"Sister Aid" also covers the education costs for 44 daughters' as well as the cost of private tutors to help them maintain the school standard. In addition to their studies, the girls are educated in health, hygiene, leadership and communication.

We are truly inspired to see how the support of YGB's global community is providing hope and solutions to deep rooted problems of poverty and gender discrimination.


Dr Patrice Braun (Prof. of Sustainable Development, Australia), Leslie Hendry (YGB Board, and Jane Connors (YGB Representative-North Carolina) made self-funded trip to join YGB President Kayoko Mitsumatsu in India to assess and further develop YGB programs with our local partners.

Patrice---"I found it rather difficult to pick a 'most memorable moment' of the trip as there were many moments I felt honored to join this remarkable program and group of women. There were the enlightening meetings with the village women and girls empowered by YGB, showing us both encouraging progress and overwhelming gratitude."

Leslie---"Meeting and seeing the women YGB supports first hand was special. Sitting down and listening to their stories, their hopes and dreams makes one realize we are all cut from the same cloth, different experiences and situations; but we all love and hope the best for our kids and families. In the villages, the communities are very intimate, not like suburbs in the U.S., for example. By meeting us, I feel the women experience the global community support from their friends and sisters on the other side of the world."

Check Leslie Hendry's poignant article on this topic published in Huffington Post.com

"Move Over, China and India -- Meet the Third Billion"

Exciting News!

"Thank You Mother India" Update

View NISHTHA View NISHTHA Over 100 events in 17 countries have taken place for this years' global campaign raising nearly $45,000!!! Help us reach our goal of $50,000 by the end of 2012!.

Host or donate from just one class or simply DONATE.

Thank you for all the generous world-wide studios and sponsors who have participated in this years' campaign. Click here for the updated listings.

YGB Ambassadors

YGB is excited to announce these Ambassadors joining our global team!
Beth Shaw
Yoga Fit,
Los Angeles
Mara Healy
MaraYogini.com, YogaFlex,
North Carolina
Denise Walking
The Yoga PlaceLA.com,
Los Angeles
Jerusha Francisco
Alberta, Canada

Ashtanga Yoga Confluence chose YGB as the sole beneficiary!!

Water Brazillian Yoga and Pilates The Confluence organizers have chosen Yoga Gives Back as a non profit beneficiary of this event and will donate 1% of its annual sales to Yoga Gives Back!!! We are truly honored and grateful for this opportunity from the global support of the Ashtanga community which has been crucial for our campaign and its growth. The confluence offers a unique opportunity for students of all levels to learn from master teachers of this profound and ancient system. February 28 and March 3, 2013 in San Diego with senior western students of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois: Nancy Gilgoff, Dena Kingsberg, Tim Miller, David Swenson and Eddie Stern. THANK YOU!!

YogaFlex "Kindness Campaign", Charlotte, North Carolina

Water Brazillian Yoga and Pilates

YogaFlex has an ongoing (ALL the time, everyday) kindness campaign to support YGB! Buy a Kindness Card for $1 (every penny goes to YGB) and then use the card to buy someone a yoga class or donate time for them, or buy a book of their choice from our shelves.....Your kindness gives back to Mother India!”
What a great idea!!! Thank you YogaFlex and your community for your continued generosity which means a lot to our campaign.

YGB exclusive Tanks and T-shirts for sale at Jala Clothing.com

Jala Clothing YGB T-Shirts

YGB teams up with Jala Clothing.com to make popular Tanks and T-shirts available worldwide. Your purchase will help more mothers and children in India!!!

Morgan Stanley lists Yoga Gives Back as their Charitable Organization. Please tell your friend at Morgan Stanley as they will math 100% of an employee's donation.

Upcoming Events!

Water Brazillian Yoga and PilatesYoga Fit Mind Body Fitness Conference@Hilton Long Beach Executive Meeting Center , California

Sat. January 26th, 6:30pm; This Yoga Fit Conference will have a special hour to showcase Yoga Gives Back with video+talk, silent auction & refreshments. Proceeds will be donated for YGB.

Water Brazillian Yoga and PilatesUrban Om, Stockholm, Sweden

Every Thursday 14:30-16:30; launches Community Donation Classes for YGB, every Thursday 14:30-16:30.

New Partners!

Yoga Flex Flyer

Yoga Fit
My Insens
Pranidhana-The Mantra Project

Check YGB partners for more information.


Water Brazillian Yoga and Pilates "Thankfulness is the great power"
This article features Yoga Gives Back Netherlands and its very successful outreach with "Thank You Mother India 2012" and plan for "Donation Class Relay" in 2013.

Thank you for all the past events, making a real difference one class at a time!!








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