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For the cost of one yoga class, you can change a life.

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Your Donation's Impact!!

YGB's direct funding program, "Sister Aid," is currently supporting 240 mothers and children in India, with micro loans and education financing. In Karnataka, South India, we are now funding 20 orphaned children at our local partner Deenabandhu Trust Home, including one college student. Director GS Jayadev and Parjna continue to update us with their regular reports and photographs.

Yoga Flex Flyer

With your support, YGB just added three more girls at this home and one boy to sponsor their lives and education. Read more.

These two sisters were recently brought here. Their father is an alcoholic and abused them and their mother so much that their mother left home and took shelter at a women's shelter in Mysore. She was not capable of raising these girls, and Deenabandhu accepted them for rehabilitation and education. Both of these sisters have major medical issues, but they have already adjusted themselves to this new home and enjoy their new family and friends as well as activities such as dancing.

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Exciting News:

3rd Annual "Thank You Mother India" Global Campaign Launched!!

Sophie Herbert and kidsThis year, the campaign period is from September 1st until December 31st. Pick a good day to host just one fundraising class, donate or become a sponsor. Please register online and we will follow up with PR materials and information. Our goal is to have 200 events around the world, raising at least $75,000 with your support!!!

"Click Here for Information and Registration"

Sophie Herbert and kidsWatch this 1 minute promotional video!!

Welcome new Ambassadors & Representatives

YGB is thrilled to have these new Ambassadors and Representatives to our growing global family!!


image hereMelanie Fawer, New Orleans, LA Ashtanga Yoga Room
image hereLorraine Lau,
Hong Kong
image hereKathleen Kastner, Kansas City, MO
Maya Yoga



image hereSho Higuchi, New York, NY Restore with Sho
image hereNatalie Roberts,
Pittsburgh, PA
The Lotus People


Sophie Herbert and kids"The Raise for Women Challenge", 97% Goal reached!

Thank you for those who generously donated during this challenge, raising a total of $7,258 and all the donors are listed on this page.

YGB's attended its first overseas event, "Evolution Asia Yoga Conference", Hong Kong, June 6-9

Yoga Flex Flyer

Yoga Flex Flyer

YGB was selected as the only Charity Partner at this event and it was very successful first overseas event YGB attended. We met many supporters from Hong Kong, mainland China, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Europe and the US!! Read more. Read about first successful international film screening here.

Sophie Herbert and kidsVery Popular YGB "Namaste" 20% off at Jala.com, July 4th Sale.




Sophie Herbert and kids "Happy Micro-Loan Mother's Day" by Eddie Stern, Ashtanga Yoga New York"

Read the story here.


Sophie Herbert and kids "Yoga and Film Combine to Change the Lives of Women in India," Kino MacGregor, The Huffington Post

Read the story here.


Sophie Herbert and kids "Gang Rape--Murder in West Bengal Prompts Urgent Plea from YGB Partner"

Read the story here.




YGB Netherlands & Belgium is organizing a series of yoga classes and Relay classes!

Wednesday, June 26, 18:30-20:30
"Guided Meditation"
Brussels, Belgium
@ Take 15 Studio

May 20
"Relay Classes in the Netherlands"
by Barbara Vollstedt

@ Yogaplace Maaststicht

May 25, 26
@Yogamiga, Esloo

Thursday, June 27, 20:15
@ Yoga Deglight, Ambsterdam

July 1 - July 31
@ Joy of Yoga Studio, Deurne

Sunday, June 22
"Summer Solstice to Inner Solstice" by Alessandra di Prampero & the teachers"
Milan, Italy

@ Sattva Studio
Many thanks for new YGB Ambassador Alessandra, teachers Ilaria Pelizzoni, Marina Bisceglie and Simona Muratori, and gorgeous photos by YGB Representative Rosa Tagliaferro , check here.

Thursday, June 26th, 6:30-10:00pm
"Yoga Fit LA Studio Opening by Yoga Fit & Beth Shaw"
Los Angeles

@ Yoga Fit
Art exhibit and sales continues till August 5th . A portion of proceeds is donated to YGB!! Thanks YGB Ambassador Beth Shaw, Read more.

June 9-June 16
"Virginia Yoga Week"

This sixth annual event in Virginia selected YGB as one of the beneficiary charities! Thanks for YGB Ambassador Margaret Townsend and everyone!!

Saturday, June 1, 6:30-8:30pm
"Goda Yoga Teacher Training"
Los Angeles
@ Goda Yoga
Generously hosted by the studio owner Cheryl and YGB Ambassador Claudia Fucigna, sponsored by Zico Coconut Water and Organic India.

Thank you for all the past events, making a real difference one class at a time!!







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