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The Impact of your Donation!!

"I want to continue my studies further because if I study further I can learn and know about the diseases and their treatment in detail. Then I can give good and better treatment in my service to the people and community." We are so excited to receive these photos and messages from one of YGB's first fund recipients, Guruprasad whom we met in 2007 when he was still a high school student. With your support, he is now graduating from Medical Dental College this year. Read how his dream is becoming a reality day by day with your support, here.


Watch this YGB Film (5 minutes) about this family's inspiring journey! It is also available in Chinese and Japanese here.graduate

Become a YGB Member to support these mothers and children!!!

With $15 a month, a mother can start her own income earning business in rural villages OR a young daughter can stay in school avoiding child labor and child marriage. More details here.


Exciting News:

"Thank You Mother India" Global Campaign is happening all over the world now. Plan your event before January 31, 2015 to support more mothers and children in India!!


Thank you for all the events in September and October in China, Dubai, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Italy, the Netherlands, UK, and many US cities. See the list of events here. This annual global campaign raises majority of YGB's funding to India each year! Pick a day and register here. Your event will be listed and promoted at YGB's website and social media.

"Expedition Kili" by YGB Ambassador Anouk Prop


Anouk and her team in the Netherlands launched a very special "Expedition Kili" campaign, as part of "Thank You Mother India" global campaign. As its first step, Anouk started volunteering at DeenabandhuTrust Home in South India. Read about how Anouk's effort is already making a difference in India, here. This special campaign has already raised over $6000! And follow her journey as she will climb Mount Kilimanjaro in February to raise more funds for YGB's programs at Deenabandhu!

Welcome New Ambassadors and Team Members
YGB is delighted and honored to have these new and powerful members to our growing global family!!!

AmbassadorsKirinKirin Wong,
Hong Kong & China
Yonion yoga and arts festival, 2014
 LaurenLauren Peterson,
Los Angeles, CA
Yoga Companion
 Wilmien Wilmien Bos,
London, UK
One Flow Guru
 Giselle Giselle Mari,
San Francisco, CA
Giselle Mari Yoga

 Shari Shari Goldstein,
Charlotte, N Carolina
Enlighten Yoga
 Haidar Haidar Ali,
Osaka, Japan
Spirit Yoga Studio

RepresentativeAdita Aditi Shah,
New York, NY
 AmiAmi Patel,
London, UK
Yoga Meric Akay
 ElinaElina Lim,
Yoga Meric Akay
 FionaFiona O'Donoghue,
London, UK
Yoga Meric Akay


YGB's First Retreat, "Pilgrimage to the Heart of Yoga" Feb22-March, 2015@Shreyas, Bangalore, South India

Have you ever felt a deep longing to channel that essence into a life-transforming experience? Are you ready to thrive while making a difference in the world? Join Mariko Hirakawa's webinar this Sunday at 5pm PST, 8pm EST to learn more about this special retreat. YGB President Kayoko Mitsumatsu will also attend.


In addition to 6 days of Yoga and Ayurveda with YGB Ambassador Mariko Hirakawa at the world's finest Shreyas Retreat, we will escort you to overnight-trip to the Deenabandhu orphanage seen in the YGB Film Save $400 now. Only 15 spots open. More information, payment plans, and registration here.

New Partner

Retreat Network LogoRetreatNetwork.com RetreatNetwork.com is a leading booking & marketing website for Wellness Tourism and Transformational Travel. RetreatNetwork.com promotes places & events that elevate the body, mind & spirit, and matches users with the programs & destinations they seek in order to take the next step on their journey of well being, personal development and spiritual growth. RealNetwork.com will help promote YGB Retreat and events.

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Thank you for all the past and future events,
which make a real difference one class at a time!!

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