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For the cost of one yoga class, you can change a life.

Happy International Women's Day!!

YGB honored at the first "Seva Celebration" Rishkesh, India

This is the first Seva Celebration on the Holy Gangas River, Rishkesh. On March 8, International Women's Day, YGB will be honored to be the beneficiary charity. Join us as teachers and students from across the globe gather together to unite with one common intention to give back to empower women in India. Read more here. Donate here.

Your Donations' Impact


We are making a difference! Imagine, all these teen girls would have been married off if it were not for your support. Yoga Gives Back's new initiative, "SHE" (Scholarship for Higher Education) click to is now successfully funding 64 destitute but eager and determined high school students in Karnataka and West Bengal with a five-year commitment for them to get a college degree. Here are some personal messages from girl students in West Bengal. Read more about this program here and these girls' stories from India at Kayoko's Journey.


Madhumita Mondal
I have seen girls of my age being married off and now becoming the mother of 3-4 children. My future would have been the same, if I would not have gotten the support from SHE to continue education and understand the ill-effects of early marriage on the life of a girl.

Suparna Sarkar
My father is paralysed and stays at home. He always used to shout at me. He wanted to arrange my marriage and stop education. My mother struggles to run our family. I always want to be a doctor and I am thankful to SHE with its support I am moving toward my dream.

Graduate Become a YGB member with easy automatic monthly donation here, with just $ 15 a month! You will also receive a special YGB Membership Certificate. Act today to support more girls to continue their education and build their own lives!!


Exciting News:

TYMI 2014 raised over $68,000!!


Thank you for all the events in fifteen countries: Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Dubai, Hong Kong, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Singapore, Spain, the Netherlands, Isreal, UK, and throughout the US cities. See the list of events here.

Anouk"Expedition Kili" YGB Dutch Ambassador Anouk Prop and her team conquered Mount Kilimanjaro, as part of "Thank You Mother India" global campaign, raising awareness and over 11,000 euros!!! Read more here.

Thank you for all the special sponsors!!






In Kind


Welcome New Board and Ambassadors

Board of Directors

Tara Guber, Los Angeles, CA Contact Yoga
"Tara is a philanthropist, activist, educator and practitioner of yoga for nearly 40 years…" Read more here.


Guru Jagat, RAMA Institute Los Angeles, CA
Thank you Guru Jagat for hosting a very successful fundraising class in January as part of "Thank You Mother India" campaign.

Welcome New Partners


Anouk ‪Tava Life Provisions is a gourmet food company whose mission is to modernize ancient food staples, the first product being Ghee. Not only is Tava inspired by ancient foods but also in contributing back to communities at large. Learn more about Tava Life Provisions. Tava Life Provisions could not have built the brand without the help of a greater community. Use code "YGBTEN" for 10% discount for YGB supporters!

Joyne Yoga

Anouk As one of Joyne Yoga's charter giving partners, Yoga Gives Back will be a primary beneficiary of Joyne's Buy One Gift One program. Founded by Beth and Bill Hazelton in 2014, Joyne Yoga was inspired by the TOMS Shoes One for One giving program, which matches every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes for a child. Through its Buy One Gift One program, Joyne will match any yoga mat purchased from the company with a matching yoga mat for someone in need. Joyne wlll provide not only yoga mats, but yoga props, classes, workshops and other much needed yoga education training and support to the yoga community.

Thank you for Texas Yoga Conference for inviting YGB as the Charity Sponsor!!! Read more here.

Thank you for all the past and future events,
which make a real difference one class at a time!!

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