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For the cost of one yoga class, you can change a life.

Happy International Yoga Day, Summer Solstice and Father's Day!!

"Yoga embodies unity of mind and body; thought and action; restraint and fulfillment; harmony between man and nature; a holistic approach to health and well being." India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked world leaders to adopt an international Yoga day, during the UN General Assembly in September 2014. The 193-member UN general assembly adopted a resolution by consensus, proclaiming June 21 as 'International Day of Yoga'. Over 20 million Americans practice yoga, and it is now said to be "27 billion industry" in US alone!! As we celebrate the First International Yoga Day this Sunday, let's also give back together!

The Impact of Your Donation!!

Every year, YGB's global community is growing and now we are in fifteen countries! We are now supporting nearly 600 mothers and children in India, working closely with our local NGO partners as below.

With NISHTHA in West Bengal, 208 mothers are funded with micro loans, 211 daughters with primary school education and 50 teen girl students with SHE (Five-year Scholarship for Higher Education).

With Deenabandhu Trust in Karnataka, 21 abondoned children are sponsored for living, medical, social and education fee fully, and 35 destitute teen girl and boy students are offered with five-year Scholarship for Higher Education (SHE).

We also continue to support Jayashree's family in Bangalore, whom we first met in 2007. Her elder son Guruprasad was just accepted into a post graduate course, MDS Oral & Maxillio Facial Surgery in AECS Maruti Dental Collage, in Bangalore to become a dental surgeon.

Please go to YGB Blog for inspiring personal stories of these fund recipients in India.

This family's transformation has been documented in one of YGB Films, "Jayashree's Journey".

Want to become a YGB Films Sponsor?

YGB FILMS is producing a series of new films this year about YGB's programs in India. Become a sponsor and your name or your company brand will be credited in these empowering films which will be screened at global events such as Om Yoga Show (London, October 2015), Ashtanga Yoga Confluence (San Diego, March 2016), and many more events as well as Youtube Channel. You can sign up here for the minimum of $500 per film, donate here or write to info@yogagivesback.org.

Join YGB Member?

Imagine-with just $15 a month, you can support a mother to start a business or a daughter to remain in school and avoid child marriage. Join our campaign by becoming a YGB member with easy monthly donation here.


Exciting News:

"Yoga Gives Back June Challenge" to raise $5000 to fund 17 poor teen girls with five-year Scholarship for Higher Education!!

YGB Ambassador and Board Kino MacGregor is sponsoring YogaGivesBackChallenge" (Instagram) this month!

It has been truly amazing to see so many people from around the world is taking part in this Challenge, which has already generated $1000 for YGB. Join us today!! All you have to do is to post your pose a day on Instagram account.

So far, we have reached to over 50,000 hashtags, and Alo Yoga will donate $1,000!! When we reach to 100,000 hashtags, it will offer $2,500. If we reach 150,000 posts Beach Yoga Girl and Kino Yoga will personally match Alo Yoga's $2,500 donation for a total of $5,000!

Post your pose daily (modifications are welcome!) and use #yogagivesbackchallenge.

Welcome New Ambassadors and Team Members!


NeaNea Ferrier, UAE
Ashtanga Yoga Dugai
Nea is hosting "International Yoga Day" Open Door Demonstration Class Fundraiser for YGB on June 21st!

New YGB Exclusive "Namaste" Tank Tops from Jala Clothing!

YGB's exclusive Namaste tanks in very popular turquoise for this summer! Wear Namaste and support more mothers and children in India as Jala Clothing donates 100% of the proceeds from these cool tops to YGB.


Upcoming Events

Thank you for all the events this weekend to celebrate the First International Yoga Day and Summer Solstice around the world!!

Saturday, June 20, 11:00am
"Breathe! You Are Alive!" @ Surya Yoga, Selangor, Malaysia
Organized by YGB Ambassador Swati Pandey

Sunday, June 21
7 am
"Open Door" Led Class @Ashtanga Yoga Dubai
hosted by YGB Ambassador Nea Ferrier

"Summer Solstice" by Athleta Village Arcade Shopping Center, Houston, Texas.
YGB Representative Shamanth Shankar will share info.

"Summer Solstice" by Athleta Fort Worth, Texas. Outdoor Yoga Class
YGB Ambassador Ardi Kyser will represent YGB!

For the entire day on June 21st, these Athleta stores are donating 10% of proceeds to YGB!!

"International Yoga Day for YGB" @ Yogaplace, Maastricht, Netherlands
YGB Netherlands and Belgium will host this special day event to fundraise for YGB with yoga class and fun programs!

"First International Yoga Day Festival" @ Marina Green Park, San Francisco by Consulate General of India
Inauguration, Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation from all the major yogic styles, Jay Uttal's Kirtan. YGB will have a booth, visit us there!!

AnoukYGB Ambassador Magnolia Zuniga will demonstrate for Ashtanga Yoga.

Sunday, June 28th 9am-6pm
"Lava Yoga Singapore for YGB"
Organized by YGB Representative Julie Tan, hosted by Lava Yoga

Wednesday, July 1, 6-8:30pm
"Kino MacGregor Special YGB Workshop" hosted by YogaGlo, Santa Monica, CA
YGB Board & Ambassador Kino will teach all level Ashtanga Class as a 100% fundraiser for YGB, generously hosted by YogaGlo. Tickets are very limited. Thank you for this event sponsors!

Thank you for our generous sponsors who continue to support many YGB's events above!

Thank you for all the past and future events,
which make a real difference one class at a time!!

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