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YGB FILM "Gold in Hand" just released! (5 minutes)


YGB FILMS just released its brand new film "Gold in Hand," about YGB's new program "SHE," a Five-Year Scholarship for Higher Education. With your support we now fund nearly 100 disadvantaged teen students in Karnataka and West Bengal to complete their high school and aim for college degrees. Please watch and listen to these teens' struggles of life and also how this scholarship program is creating life time opportunities for these youths in India!! Edited by Caitlin Danenhauer, Music by DJ Drez, Film by Kayoko Mitsumatsu.

Yoga Gives Back has been growing more than 35% every year since 2009. With your support, our funding is supporting nearly 700 mothers and children in India this year, working closely with our local NGO partners: Deenbandhu in Karnataka and NISHTHA in West Bengal.

Become YGB Member?

Imagine: With just $ 25 a month, you can support an impoverished teen student's higher education as this film demonstrates. Join our campaign by becoming a YGB member with easy monthly membership.

Sponsor YGB FILM like this one?

You can become a sponsor for YGB FILMS with a minimum of $500 per film. YGB Films are screened at various prestigious international yoga festivals such as Om Yoga Show (Oct 23-25, London), Ashtanga Yoga Confluence (March 3-6, 2016, San Diego), Om Yoga Show (London) and many other global events as well as YouTube YGB channel.


Exciting News:


Make a difference during this holiday season!

Host just one event or become a sponsor before January 31, 2016 to support more mothers and children in India. Yoga communities in fifteen countries take part every year to generate most of YGB's funding for India! Register your event here today, which will be promoted through YGB's social media!! Check out many global events happening already here, from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Singapore, many US cities and the UK.

"TYMI2015 PR Video" Check out this short fun film, you might be in it! (2 minutes)


4th Annual "Thank You Mother India: Malibu Fundraiser" raised over $46,000.


Thank you for all the guests and sponsors for such an incredible support for this event, which raised a record amount of over $46,000! At this event, YGB proudly gave its first Namaste Award to Mallika Chopr, author of Living with Intent. Check out great photos by Lisa Field, Amy Tierney and Suzuki K Photography. Video by Gene Shibuya.

Welcome New Ambassadors, Team Members and Partners!

As yoga teachers or studio owners, YGB Ambassadors host fundraisers reaching out to their community and beyond.

 Pranidhi Sharda Ten Hove,
London, UK
diaforlife, and Now You Shine
 StanKali Basman,
Peru & USA,
The Visionaria Network
 catia Charli Sparks Sales,
London, UK
Yoga Rhythm
Team MemberNiamh Anne-See,
Bristol, UK


Bhakti Chai

AnoukBhakti Chai's "Gita Giving" grants $5000 for YGB!! YGB is thrilled and honored to received this grant from Bhakti Chai. "We are inspired by Yoga Gives Back and want to officially welcome you to the GITA Giving community!" Take part in "Give+Inspire+Take Action" campaign at Gita Giving.

Sita Couture


From Sita, "What a joy to participate in the 4th Annual Yoga Gives Back Fundraiser in Malibu. We were able to bond and connect with so many dynamic and fantastic people, it was such an honor. As promised to the YGB guests, here is a 15% off SITA Couture coupon for you to use sitewide! Code: YGB15."

In Defense of Reality

AnoukIn Defense of Reality, Portugal will donate 33.3 % from its original print T shirts online sales.

"Simple. Every design, print or item that you'll be able to buy here is associated to a specific charity or cause. They are all a one time production, so very limited. Meaning that when we run out of stock, or the item is replaced by a new one, it's gone. For every product sold, we will deliver a dedicated donation to the current cause."

Bali Mala

AnoukBali Mala donates 20% of sales of "Dreaming in Sanskrit". Delicate design of rudraksha, rudrani and amazonite, hand knotted on light colored thread exclusive to Bali Malas. We are honored to have collaborated with Marti Nikko in celebration of her album Dreaming in Sanskrit.

In Defense of Reality, Portugal will donate 33.3 % from its original print T shirts online sales.


Upcoming Events

Nov 7-8: VedaMeLA, Los Angeles, CA, USA
YGB was chosen as a charity partner at this exciting first downtown LA event to celebrate Yoga and Vedic Arts. Join us at the opening party by DJ Drez (YGB Ambassador) and Friends at 7:30pm on Saturday, Nov7th to benefit YGB. Visit also YGB booth throughout the weekend!!

Use special discount code YOGAGIVESBACK (in all caps) to receive 20% off on the daily and weekend passes. Valid till November 1st.

Veda MeLA is a unique celebration of the massive modern emergence of arts and sciences inspired by the Vedas. Blossoming in the cultural hub of Downtown Los Angeles, Veda MeLA creates an unparalleled educational, inspirational, and safe space for the burgeoning subculture of Yogis and Vedic enthusiasts to explore, learn, and grow on every level.

Thank you for all the past and future events,
which make a real difference one class at a time!!

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